Student, Entrepreneur (D2), Income Holders (D7), Golden Visa and others.

Want to move to Portugal and want to apply for a visa?

We identify which of the following modalities you fit in and follow the entire process with a legal professional.

  • D1 (Residence Visa for Subordinate Professional Activity) - for those who are going to Portugal with a promise or employment contract;
  • D2 (Residence Visa for Independent Professional Activity and Entrepreneurial Immigrants) - for those who want to undertake in Portuguese territory (start a company) or who want to work with the issuance of green receipts.
  • D3 (Residence Permit for Research or Highly Qualified Activity) - for PhD students or for those who work in a highly qualified profession.
  • D4 (Study Residence, Student Exchange, Internship or Volunteering Visa) - for higher education students (undergraduate and master's degree), internships or volunteers over 1 year.
  • D5 (Higher Education Student Mobility Residence Visa) - for those who wish to complement a study program already started. For example, in cases of exchange, double titration, sandwich, among other modalities.
  • D6 (Family Reunion Residence Permit) - for those who want to bring their family with the reunification already granted.
  • D7 (Residence Permit for Retirees or Holders of Income) - for those who are retired or holder of income (rents for example).
  • GOLDEN VISA - for those who purchase real estate worth 500 thousand euros or more.

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